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Actions speak louder than words

Our Assistance Services

Our experienced operators in our call center located in Antalya respond all the calls received with a 7/24 principle and divert the tourists to the nearest health institution.

Operational Services

We offer fast solutions to the diversified needs of the patients such as, sending them to their countries under the surveillance of an expert and suitable conditions, delivering children to their parents by providing a safe journey, and the companion's needs of , hotel and flight reservations.

Expertise Services

We are making sure that the tourists will benefit from all the health services according to their policy and we make the necessary controls of the medical reports and cost of the treatment obtained from he health institution by keeping a close eye on patient's treatment.


Necessary service is given about insurance policy and compensation payment which is limited by the information given by the insurance company.

Information about Heath Institutions

In the event that the insurance company requests, we give information about the health institutions giving the best service around the neighborhood.


On the situations when the patient is getting inpatient treatment, following the medical condition of the insured and treatment of him is provided in the best way possible and information is given primarily to the parents of the tourist, to the consulate and to other related people regularly about the tourist's medical condition.

Please Contact Us from All Around the World

We expanded our communication network so that you can reach us from all around the world easily.

Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo

  + 1 (829) 2363501

Russian Federation, Moscow

+ 7 (495) 5441142

Bulgaria, Sofia

+ 359 (2) 4928555

Greece, Thessalonica

+30 (231) 1180489

Thailand National

+ 66 (60) 0035656