Answering and Diverting Calls

RepresentativeRBK Assistance, instantly answers all the help calls from tourists with its highly qualified operators; evaluates the received requests properly by providing the peace and diverts the patients to the nearest health institutions which will apply the best treatment.

RBK Assistance, aware of the fact that a proper diversion is essential, provides fast and quality solutions and prevents possible time loss with its crew experienced in the field. Furthermore, it trains the operators cyclically to be able to develop their expertise and increase the quality of its services.

RBK gives urgent medical transfer service on occasion that the treatment of the tourists must be carried on in another health institution.

RBK Assistance which transfers the patients to the institution, whose staff and equipment sufficiency it approves after the decision taken in the consultation that the doctors of the patient and the RBK Assistance consultant doctors will hold, does not skip any detail during the transfer process to be able to provide a comfortable journey for the patients and to keep their current medical conditions stable.