Health Tourism

medicaltourismThere are many health institutions which are serving at North America level with the principle of “human comes first” and which have the fame of competing with Germany, Israel, and USA in Istanbul, the honorary capital of Turkey which is one of the countries coming to the minds in medical tourism.

RBK Assistance meets the needs of the tourists in various fields within the scope of medical tourism in the direction of its agreements with these institutions. It conveys the reports prepared by the patient’s own doctor about the course of the disease to the medical institutions, informs the patient about the opinions of the experts the reports submitted to, and plays an important role on the decision that is to be taken about continuing the treatment in Turkey or not. In the event that the decision is positive, it makes a reservation to the hotel where the patient’s companion will stay, transfer them from the airport to the hotel, provide them with a professional translator,  and organizes the meeting between the patient’s own doctor in his/her own country and the medical institution where the treatment starts.

Embracing “respect to the patient and his/her rights” as its main principle, RBK assistance approaches to the tourists with necessary attention, compassion and profession to remove their concerns, and keeps on closely watching the condition of the patient after the treatment.